Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas is a retired American professional basketball player and current coach. He was born on April 30, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois.

Thomas played point guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from 1981 to 1994. He spent his entire career with the Detroit Pistons, leading the team to two NBA championships in 1989 and 1990. He also led them to the NBA Finals in 1988. He was named to the All-Star Game twelve times and was selected to the All-NBA First Team three times.

Thomas was known for his quickness, his court vision, and his leadership ability. He was one of the best playmakers of his era, and his ability to get his teammates involved in the game made him a valuable asset to any team. He was also a tenacious defender and a clutch performer, delivering in big moments when his team needed it most.

After retiring from the NBA, Thomas has been involved in coaching, broadcasting, and business. He has served as head coach and executive for several NBA teams, and has been a part of the front office of the New York Knicks since 2003.

Isiah Thomas is widely regarded as one of the greatest point guards in the history of the NBA, and his contributions to the sport of basketball will never be forgotten.